About Us

Pastor Harold F WeitszPastor Harold F Weitsz, founder and president of FIVE FOLD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (FFMI) has had the privilege of being connected to many Christians and Church leaders around the globe. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit he has developed a passion for expanding the Kingdom of God throughout the world and through these, FFMI was birthed.

A ministry was established in which other Church leaders and co-workers in the Body of Christ can join hands and work together. This powerful bonding throughout the world creates a channel of caring for one another, encouragement and motivation to win the great end time harvest for God.

Out of these friendships Pastor Harold has a call on his ministry to provide cover and nurturing for ministers who are seeking such a relationship. In this context, relationship is the key word.

As FFMI grows it will empower ministers called to the Five Fold Ministry to be linked and interconnected with ministers, churches and ministries around the globe with the purpose of fellowship, relationship, care and nurturing as well as propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and expanding the Kingdom of God around the world.


FFMI is an international non-denominational movement. 


FFMI strives to create and maintain an international and local family of churches and ministries based on the notion of relationship and fellowship for ministers of the Five Fold Ministry as given in Ephesians 4:11-12.

Each member ministry or church will therefore function autonomously without any measure of control or domination from FFMI or registered member within FFMI. The entire focus will be to continuously build and maintain relationship. Each participating member must have a heart for Cells, Prayer, Missions and Ministry to the poor.

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